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Sticker Puzzle – Coloring Book

Sticker Puzzle – Coloring Book

Get ready for a fun journey with Sticker Puzzle Coloring Book, a unique 2D puzzle game that brings a fresh twist to matching games. Immerse yourself in a digital world where your task is to accurately place numbered stickers onto the correct spots in vibrant and dynamic scenes. Enjoy hours of fun and creativity as you bring these lively scenes to life!

Mastering the Art of Sticker Puzzle - Coloring Book Gameplay

Uncover the Fun: Removing Stickers
Start by tapping a sticker to peel it off. Match stickers with numbers on empty spots to unlock the puzzle's full potential.
Perfect Placement: Adding Stickers
Tap an empty spot and stick the chosen sticker. Aim to place stickers accurately by matching them with the correct numbers.
Match for Success: Number Alignment
Ensure sticker numbers match the spots perfectly. When they align, the puzzle comes together beautifully.

Match Numbers and Drag & Drop Stickers

Solve puzzles by matching numbers and dragging stickers to their perfect spots. Use simple touchscreen controls to bring each scene to life with vibrant colors and precise placement. Challenge your skills and enjoy the creative fun of completing each beautiful image in the Sticker Puzzle – Coloring Book!

The Exciting Flow of Sticker Puzzle - Coloring Book

Create Stunning Scenes

Transform empty spots into vibrant scenes by placing perfectly matched stickers.

Find the Perfect Stickers

Match scattered stickers from the bottom of the screen by their numbers to the empty spots above.

Make Smart Choices

Strategically select and tap on a sticker to mark it for placement.

Perfect Placement

Tap on the empty spot to place your chosen sticker precisely.

Match the Numbers

Ensure stickers fit seamlessly by matching their numbers accurately.

Complete Your Masterpiece

Continue matching and placing stickers until every spot is filled, completing the puzzle.

Celebrating Victory

Place all stickers correctly to turn scenes into beautiful pictures.

Facing the Challenge

As you play, the game gets harder with more stickers and time limits, helping you improve your skills.

Puzzle Fun

Enjoy peeling and sticking stickers while matching numbers for a fun and unique game.

Join the Fun

Dive into Sticker Puzzle – Coloring Book and enjoy the exciting world of matching stickers.

Sticker Puzzle - Coloring Book Adventures: A Visual Odyssey Through the World of Gaming