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About GameYogi

GameYogi About

Unveil the essence of our gaming company, delving into our culture, mission, and innovation.

At GameYogi, we cultivate a culture of creativity and collaboration, cherishing diversity and inclusivity. Our mission is to engineer immersive experiences that ignite joy and excitement, challenging the norms of storytelling and gameplay. Innovation drives us, constantly propelling us to explore novel technologies and concepts, reshaping the gaming horizon. We’re not just developers; we’re storytellers, adventurers, and dreamers, committed to crafting games that resonate deeply with players around the globe.

Dive into our culture, mission, and innovation to discover what sets us apart.

At GameYogi, our culture is a vibrant tapestry of creativity and collaboration, where passion and diversity fuel our every endeavor. Inclusivity is our cornerstone, ensuring that every voice finds a place in our community. Our mission is clear: to craft immersive experiences that spark joy and wonder, transcending the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay. What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to innovation. We eagerly embrace cutting-edge technologies and unconventional ideas, ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming. We’re not just developers; we’re pioneers, shaping the future of interactive entertainment with every game we create.

game yogi About
GameYogi vision

Our Philosophy

At GameYogi, we believe that games are more than just pixels on a screen. They are gateways to new realms, avenues of expression, and sources of camaraderie. Our games are born from a dedication to quality, creativity, and a desire to inspire players.

game yogi mission

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the gaming industry, delivering experiences that transcend screens and transcend boundaries.

How we work

GameYogi’s game development process includes four essential steps: Design innovative and engaging concepts, Develop robust and efficient code, Test rigorously for quality assurance, and Publish the final product to reach a global audience.


Conceptualize game mechanics, characters, and storylines, creating detailed plans and blueprints for the game’s structure and user experience.


Transform designs into a playable game by coding, creating assets, and integrating features using various development tools and technologies.


Rigorously assess the game for bugs, performance issues, and user experience problems to ensure a polished, stable, and enjoyable product.


Release the final game to the market, distributing it across platforms, and promoting it to reach the target audience.

What our gamers are saying

Discover genuine feedback from our dedicated players. Read their stories and experiences to see why our community loves gaming with us!

Adam Jacobsen

Finally!! A real game instead of the fake ads. Also not seeing any ads. Only on lvl 7 so far. Love the game so far favorite game.

Rushabh Mehta

Addective game. Love to play

Utsav Jagani

In the realm of mobile gaming, Sticker Puzzle - Coloring Book shines with its mesmerizing 2D art style, transforming each level into a visual masterpiece. This pocket-sized marvel proves that artistic brilliance knows no bounds in the world of mobile gaming.

Marion Doser

I love sticker book play all time 💗 I have more them.. .

Chamanthi Chamanthi