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Falling Squad – Sky Warriors

Falling Squad – Sky Warriors

Falling Squad: Sky Warriors is an action-packed casual strategy game where survival and strategy collide. Begin with a heart-pounding plane crash, gather resources and build your squad during a thrilling freefall, and engage in epic ground battles after landing. Enjoy dynamic gameplay with unique character abilities, intense freefall mechanics and deep customization options. Join the ranks of sky warriors and unleash the hero within.

Falling Squad - Sky Warriors: A High-Flying Adventure

Fly High with Falling Squad: Sky Warriors
Start an exciting journey with Falling Squad - Sky Warriors, a game that mixes freefall, strategy and epic ground battles. Survive a plane crash, team up with friends and face thrilling challenges on the battlefield.
Freefall Fun
Control your fall, dodge obstacles and gather friends for an amazing skydiving adventure.
Build Your Team
In Falling Squad: Sky Warriors catch soldiers in the air, each with special skills, to form a strong squad ready for any challenge.
Epic Battles
Fight intense battles when you land, using the weapons and gear you collected during your fall.
Exciting Obstacles
Navigate through storm clouds, lightning, enemy paratroopers, and more for a thrilling descent full of surprises.

Epic Ground Battles and Action-Strategy

In “Falling Squad: Sky Warriors,” players start with a thrilling plane crash, gather resources during a controlled freefall, and engage in strategic ground battles upon landing. Combine action-packed gameplay with tactical squad formation and resource management for ultimate victory.

Exciting Progression and Soundtrack

Strategic Equipment Collection

Gather a variety of weapons and gear to prepare for ground combat.

Mid-Air Recruitment

In Falling Squad: Sky Warriors, capture and recruit unique soldiers while you fall.

Gear Up

Collect weapons, gear, and power-ups mid-air to prepare for epic battles against formidable enemies.

Progression Fun

Unlock new characters, upgrade your gear, and face increasingly difficult levels as you advance through the game.

Energetic Soundtrack

Enjoy an engaging soundtrack that enhances the thrilling and dynamic experience of Sky Jumpers.

Key Features: Exciting Game Elements

Smooth Controls

Navigate obstacles with ease using responsive swerving controls for an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience in Falling Squad: Sky Warriors.

Unique Soldiers

Recruit soldiers with special abilities, adding a strategic layer to your team formation.


Customize characters, planes, parachutes, and gear to gain unique advantages and enhance your gameplay.

Progress and Upgrade

Unlock new characters, upgrade your gear, and tackle progressively tougher challenges as you climb the ranks of Falling Squad: Sky Warriors.

As you advance, you’ll encounter smarter and stronger enemies. During your freefall, dodge falling debris, bird flocks, and turbulent winds to ensure a safe landing.

Advanced Enemies

Strategize and battle against foes equipped with clever tactics and powerful gear.

Sky Hazards

Avoid falling debris, bird flocks, and turbulent winds during your freefall to secure a safe landing.

Prepare for epic battles and navigate thrilling challenges as you rise through the ranks of Falling Squad: Sky Warriors.

Falling Squad - Sky Warriors: Magic a Sky-High Adventure