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Color Screw Unscrew and Match

Color Screw Unscrew and Match

Introducing “Color Screw Unscrew and Match,” a fun puzzle game where you take apart items and match screws to clear the board. Disassemble various items and strategically match screws to trigger explosive combos. Enjoy simple tapping gameplay, progressive challenges, colorful graphics, and a family-friendly experience. Sharpen your strategic thinking and solve puzzles at your own pace. Start your journey of matching screws and unraveling mechanical mysteries.

Key Gameplay Features

Tap to Disassemble
Tap on screws within the items to remove them and start your disassembly plan. It's as simple as a tap!
Screw Grid
Screws automatically sort into a grid at the bottom, preparing you for match-3 mastery.
Match-3 Mechanic
Match three screws in a row to make them disappear and earn valuable rewards.
Each successful match brings rewards to help you on your journey to becoming the ultimate ScrewMaster.
Progressive Difficulty
Prepare for increasingly complex challenges that require strategic thinking and careful planning as you advance through the game.

Disassemble and Match

Disassemble various items by removing screws and matching them in a grid in “Color Screw Unscrew and Match.” Successfully match screws to clear levels, earn rewards, and progress through increasingly challenging puzzles.

Gameplay Elements and Features

Analyze the Item

Before you start, take a moment to examine the item and plan your strategy for removing the screws efficiently.

Tap to Unscrew

Engage in hands-on gameplay by strategically removing screws from the item.

Diverse Items

Encounter a variety of items to disassemble, ensuring there’s always something new to explore.

Match-3 Rewards

Align three or more screws in the grid to trigger match-3 combos and collect exciting rewards.

Complete the Level

Work methodically to disassemble the entire item by removing all screws, completing the puzzle, and advancing to the next challenge.

Hints and Tips

Use helpful hints if you get stuck, ensuring the fun never stops.

Creative Twist on Match-3

Combine the thrill of disassembling items with the excitement of match-3 gameplay.

Engaging and Fun Gameplay

“Color Screw Unscrew and Match” combines strategic thinking with hands-on interaction, providing an enjoyable and stimulating gaming experience.

Stress-Free Play

With no time limits, players can enjoy the game at their own pace, making it a relaxing and enjoyable pastime.

Visually Pleasing

Delight in colorful graphics and satisfying animations that enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Simple Controls

Easy-to-learn tap and match controls make it accessible for all players.

With each level presenting a unique item to disassemble, the excitement never ends.